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New functionality in the Woolet App: CROWD GPS! What is it? How does it work? Learn more here >>


Remember how a few weeks ago we introduced a massive update for the Woolet App? If you’d like  to refresh your memory, check out all the changes in our previous blog entries here:


Now, we’re working on another cool feature that’s going to be introduced in the Woolet app very soon: CROWD GPS TRACKING. In other words, we decided to use the power of the Woolet Community. Every Woolet user will be able to find your wallet if it gets lost or stolen.


Crowd wallet locator and finder

The mechanism is pretty simple. On the main screen we’ve added the last-seen location. If you leave the Woolet behind, the last-seen location will be added automatically and marked as the green zone. If you don’t find your wallet within 11 hours, the last-seen location will turn red and the app will provide you with the last location and time of the last Woolet’s activity. Then, you will be able to switch to “Notify me when found” mode.

After that, every Woolet user will scan for your device. If they are within range of your wallet, they will get a notification about the lost wallet. If they find it, you’ll get a notification and email about where your Woolet has been found.

In short: with the Woolet App you get a crowd GPS location tracking device!


You can download the Woolet App for iOS here and, Woolet 2.0 for Android here
Now, let’s install and configure the app together – it’s easy! Just follow these steps: How to Install the Woolet App and Check the Proper Synchronization


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