Everything you need to know about the updated Woolet App



In this entry you will learn more about the Woolet App, with all features gathered in one place.


With the premiere of Woolet 2.0 (Have you got yours yet, btw? No? Then go to the Woolet Shop and get yours now!), we have also upgraded the functionality of the Woolet App. Some of the old functions have been replaced by new, more user-friendly ones, some functions have been improved, and a few have been added in response to popular demand.

Now, we would like to set out all the features of the Woolet App so you can easily learn what our mobile application can actually do.


Features of the mobile Woolet App:

  • Simply log in to the app with your Facebook or Google+ account. There is no complicated registration process.
  • For users who do not use the above platforms, it’s also possible to register and log in using your email address.
  • Bluetooth connection with Woolet wallet.
  • Possibility to synchronize several devices (other Woolets or Keyfinders).
  • The current location of your Woolet is shown on a map when the Woolet is within range.
  • The last known location of your Woolet is shown on a map when the Woolet is out of range.
  • Possibility to launch wallet navigation and track the wallet’s position on the map based on the last-seen location.
  • Notifications on the user’s smartphone when the wallet is lost and found. It’s possible to adjust notification settings in the application options.
  • The ability to sleep notifications for one hour.
  • The ability to set Quiet Zones that block notifications in a selected area. When leaving a Quiet Zone without the wallet, you will receive a notification, which are mapped and based on our current location.
  • Automatic Quiet Zones. The application automatically sets up a Quiet Zone in locations where notifications often appear, such as home, school and work. This can be disabled in the application options.
  • The possibility of triggering a sound signal in the wallet. You can “call” your Woolet so you can find it faster in a room.
  • Registration of the Lost&Found card. Marking the item as lost. When someone finds it and enters the wallet code on the dedicated website, the user will be notified that their wallet has been found and receive a message from the finder.
  • The ability to upgrade hardware to the latest version that enhances the signal.


We hope that you now know about everything your Woolet App can do. If you have any questions or something is not working properly, please contact our Community Manager here: wiktor@woolet.co.


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