The Massive Update in Woolet Apps and Firmware!



We start 2017 with major changes in the dedicated applications for Woolet wallets and other accessories. Check out what’s in the new update.


After few weeks of intensive work out developers finished the latest update for the Woolet App for iOS and Android. The changes are going to be revolutionary! In short, we’ve implemented most of the function ideas we’ve received from our users and partners. Our support team gathered all the suggestions and passed them to developers. Then, they made sure that your requests turn into reality. So what’s new?


User Experience

The main menu has been simplified. Our users decided that what they care about the most is the location, so we decided to put it on the main screen. There’s also a bonus: you will be able to turn on Google Maps to settle the easiest and quickest way to find your lost wallet. Moreover, the location system is much more improved and responsive.



The users will be able to see and learn how the app reacts when they leave the wallet behind. In this case time (one minute) and BLE signal strength will be taken under consideration. After one minute without connection with the Wallet you’ll receive a notification that wallet was left behind and you will be able to check where and when your wallet has been seen for the last time.

We’ve also added a possibility of turning on/off two modes: “Notify me if I forgot my wallet” and “Notify me when I am close to my wallet”.


Call your wallet

If you lose your wallet, let’s say, somewhere in your flat, you can ring your wallet. As soon as you’re close to it, a ring bell icon will appear. After tapping it, your wallet will make a noise, making it easier to locate it.


The automatic Quiet Zones

This mode will be switched on when the app will work in a background. When the app discovers that in certain area the notifications should be pushed quite often (for example, we don’t tend to carry around our wallets at home, but we keep our smartphones around. That can cause a lot of notifications to appear) then it will automatically set the Quiet Zone in that area. Obviously, if you still want to receive notifications, you will be able to delete the automatic Quiet Zone. After leaving the Quiet Zone notifications will be pushed like before.



The biggest revolution happened here. The electronics tile inside the Woolet will send the signal to your smartphone 18 times more often than it does now. Responsiveness will be much more efficient and also the efficiency will improve. If you want to upgrade your hardware all you need to do is to download the new upgrade through the Woolet App. This feature will be introduced after our beta testers approve the changes.


Take a look at few screenshots!



Do you want to be one of the Woolet beta testers? If you own one of the Woolet devices it’s possible! Write to with subject: BETA TESTER and provide us with the following information:

–          Name and surname

–          E-mail address

–          Your operating system: iOS or Android

–          What kind of Woolet accessory do you use?


We’re waiting for you!


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