Lost&Found – test the brand new Woolet platform with us


The Lost&Found, additional security for your wallet is ready! Now, we need some valuable user feedback to check if everything works smoothly.


What is Lost&Found?

We introduced the Lost&Found platform at the beginning of October in our blog update here: New platform – Lost&Found.

In short: your wallet (or any other item – we won’t limit your imagination!) gets a unique code you register along with your email address and a personal message. The card with the code should be placed inside the wallet at all times. If you lose your wallet and someone finds it, the finder can type the serial number on the website: Lost&Found.today. After that they will get your contact info with the message you’ve written. This way, they can easily locate you and return the lost item.


We’ve got a great surprise for you! Our upcoming new product: Woolet 2.0 will be equipped with few new features, as suggested by our users. Among them is free access to the Lost&Found platform. Join the Woolet 2.0 Pre-Launch Facebook event to learn more and keep up with the latest news.

Test Lost&Found with us!
Would you like to check out how Lost&Found works before others? We could really use your help! You just need to be a user of the Woolet App, and either iOS or Android.

Apply to test Lost&Found by writing to us at support@woolet.co with the subject: LOST&FOUND – BETA TESTER. In your email, please provide us with following information:

  1. Name and surname
  2. Email address linked to your Apple ID (for iOS users)
  3. Email address linked to the Woolet App (for Android users)
  4. Which smartphone model do you use?
  5. Which operating system version do you use?
  6. Have you been a beta tester before?

After the tests are done, of course, you’ll get your own Lost&Found card!


To provide the best service possible, we need your support. We hope that you’d like to develop the Woolet ecosystem with us, and that we’ll be hearing from you soon.

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