New platform – Lost&Found


Additional security for your wallet (and other valuables) is here. Meet new platform: Lost&Found.


What’s Lost&Found?

It’s a smart communication platform for owners and finders of valuables. Owners of the Woolet register their wallets in the Woolet App by scanning the QR code or by typing the 10-digit code from the Lost&Found card. After that their Woolets are included in the database with the owner’s personal details. The card should be placed in the wallet the whole time.

Now, let’s say someone finds your item. All they need to do is take out the card from the wallet, go to Lost&Found website and type the serial number from the card in the box in the “I found the Woolet” section. Then, they will gain access to the personal details of the wallet’s owner and be able to contact them directly.

We appreciate the kindness and effort that finders put into returning the missing object, so everybody who does that gets a discount code to any purchase in the Woolet Store.


How do I use it?

If you forget to turn on your Bluetooth, your phone battery is dead or you don’t have the internet connection, Lost&Found will be there to guard your valuables. Not only Woolets, but also the regular wallets, purses, bags, clothes, or whatever else you find valuable.



Visit the Lost& to learn more. 

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