RFID-blocking technology will protect your cards from skimming

anti skimming

Learn about skimming and the consequences of being robbed, and how to prevent it from happening to you with help from RFID-blocking technology. 

The modern world has created a modern crime. Apart from “classic” cases of pick-pocketing and stealing unattended bags, we can now be a victim of a digital theft called skimming. Basically, someone standing next to you in a shop queue or sitting next to you on the bus to work can steal your money or identity.


What is skimming?

It’s a digital crime: Using a skimming device, thieves can scan debit or credit cards, passports, IDs, drivers licences and other RFID-based smart items, and acquire information such as personal details and money.

There are many types of skimming: The device can be installed inside ATMs, in shop terminals or in specially built devices that can wirelessly scan your card in any situation (RFID skimming).

Let’s give an example here: A person sitting next to you in a restaurant uses a skimming device and downloads your cards details. You have absolutely no idea it has happened. A few days pass, and you even forget you were in the restaurant. A month later you discover something is not right with your bank account, but you blame that new, expensive pair of jeans you bought. After few weeks, all your money is gone. “Someone stole my card!” would probably be the first thing you think. But wait – your card is lying there safely in your wallet. You check your account billing,  and there you go: a lot of transactions you didn’t make. At the beginning is was small amounts – $5 here and there.  You didn’t notice that, so later it escalated, and you are now left with no money at all.

Is this scenario scary? That what’s happening to people all over the world. Contactless cards are very convenient, but have also created the potential danger of RFID skimming. Fortunately, there are ways to stay safe!


RFID blocking protection

Online you can find a lot of DIY ways to secure your cards from skimming. First is visibly damaging the card by cutting the appropriate wires or using a microwave (this may lead to its rejection as a payment method). We don’t have to tell you how that might end?

Another is a device that detects any attempt to read an RFID device. When it happens it generates an alarm sound. Unfortunately, they simply cannot distinguish a regular purchase in a shop from an attempt at skimming. So the alarm can go off anytime, anywhere.

The best method to save yourself is shielding. In short, you need something to temporarily deactivate RFID functionality, such as an RFID blocking sleeve or wallet with RFID blocking material.


An RFID blocking sleeve is a cover you put the card into. While the card stays in the sleeve, there’s no way to scan it. You can test it at a wireless terminal in a shop: the card won’t even be detected.
In our online shop we have a Woolet RFID Blocker suitable for:

  • all non-contact-type cards: PayPass, PayWave, Wave and Blink;
  • new student cards;
  • credit and debit cards;
  • transport cards;
  • access cards for buildings operating at a frequency of 13.56 MHz;
  • MIFARE cards, HID and Class, DESFire.


One card is not enough, and you need to shield all the items you carry around? Try an RFID blocking wallet! The inner lining is covered with RFID blocking material, which means that whatever you put inside, disappears for any RFID detecting device.

Woolet RFID will surely prevent your cards being read by a passer-by.


Don’t risk it. You never know what may happen. Try out our RFID blocking accessories!



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