Track and Trace Your Lost Stuff with the Woolet Tracker

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“I’ve lost my keys”, “I don’t know where my bag is”, “Help, my luggage got lost at the airport”: how many times have you seen messages like that on social media? People lose stuff all the time. You’ve probably lost a thing or two, too. Do you want to prevent that in the future? Meet Woolet Tracker.




The number of things getting lost around the world is ridiculous. Add to that stolen stuff, and you’ll probably end up with an average of one person losing several items during their lifetime – every person on the planet. Can you imagine the scale? You may say, “Well, this has never happened to me before”. That’s absolutely great, you lucky human being! But unfortunately we can’t predict the future, and you never know if you will lose something today, tomorrow or next year.

So where do we lose stuff? Everyday commuting, while traveling, at the airport, at the railway station or just at home. How frustrating is it when you have to leave NOW, and you can’t find your keys? Or worse: you come back home and your keys aren’t there. Where do you start searching? When you have Woolet Tracker, you need only your phone.



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Woolet Tracker is a Bluetooth-synchronized GPS tracking device. The tracking system is quite simple. You tag your valuable item – keys, bag, purse, case, luggage, bike, clothes, pet’s collar or child’s backpack – and synchronise the tag with a mobile app for Android or iOS. The app will work as both locator and detector. On the map you can check the last-seen location of your tracker. But that’s not the best feature of all: as soon as you leave your item out of reach, you will be notified! So you will no longer leave home without your keys. Isn’t that great?

The Woolet Tag is not some ugly piece of plastic; it’s a classy accessory that will meet the most sophisticated of needs. It’s made from high-quality leather, and there are three colours to choose from: black, brown and navy blue.

Unlike other key finders on the market, Woolet Tracker has a rechargeable battery! So there’s no need to replace the battery or throw the tracker when after the disposable battery is dead. You just charge it wirelessly on pads using the Qi-standard.


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This is undoubtedly the best key finder out there! Tracking your item has never been easier. The chances of finding your lost property are much higher. Remember those times when you wished that you could call your keys or bag? Welcome to the future: with Woolet Tracker, you can!


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