Why you should get a smart wallet



Why you should get Woolet instead of a regular wallet with smart tracker? 


You may ask yourself: Why do I need smart wallet?

Well, today we’ll tell you why. The world is moving forward and losing your wallet or getting robbed may have more serious consequences than ten or twenty years ago.

First blocking, then informing the police, finally retrieving your ID, driver’s licence, debit cards, credit cards, discount cards is expensive, time consuming and really annoying. You have to do it quick, so no one steals your money, identity and ruins your life forever. You may think that’s exaggerating, but imagine that only with your ID, someone can take a massive loan on your name. Guess who’s going to pay that back… Not to mention items with sentimental value like photographs and other trinkets. Gone forever.

That’s why you need to protect yourself and the best way to do that is to get a smart wallet. Some people prefer to use a regular wallet with tracker inside, but we’re going to prove them wrong.


Track it up!

When you google the phrase “tracker” you get a lot of options to choose from. Then you put them inside your current wallet. According to the producers now it will protect your valuables 24/7. Well…

The most important disadvantage is simply usability: when your wallet gets stolen, and thief starts looking what’s inside, what is he going to throw out first? Tracker. It’s easily removable, so when you realize you miss your wallet (some of the trackers won’t send a notification on your phone, so watch out!) and get the last-seen location it might be too late. All you may find is a tracker.

Another thing: trackers are not tiny as they’re advertised and they don’t fit every wallet. The girls in our team had no problem with it, because their wallets were, let’s face, bigger. A few of the guys, on the other hand, who owned slim wallets quickly noticed that trackers make them bulky, took up a lot of space or didn’t fit all.

Thirdly, in most trackers the battery is not rechargeable, so when its dead, the tracker is useless, and you need to replace the whole thing or get a new one.


And now for the Woof!

Geo-location, phone notifications every time you leave your wallet behind, and what is the most important – an integrated battery. Basically it’s sewn into the material and can’t be removed without ripping the whole thing apart. The battery is so flat, that almost invisible so the thief won’t notice that there’s a smart system in the wallet he stolen. This way you will be able to find not only your wallet, but also the person who took it away.

Don’t worry about the size of the electronics: it’s just 1mm thick (overall Woolet is only 9 mm thick). The inner layer of Woolet is strengthen with hips, so there’s no way the wallet gets deformed or bulky. battery is fully rechargeable on wireless charging pads. You can get a matching one in the bundle with Woolet or use any other in QI-technology standard.

The mobile app has a lot to offer: last-seen location, tracking the way to your wallet, calling Woolet, Quiet zones, sleeping notifications, crowd GPS, Lost&Found, etc. If you want to learn more about all the features available in the Woolet App, read our previous blog post here.



In the end, you – the user, will be the judge. We think that as far as the safety of the wallet is concerned, you can’t risk it. The integrated electronics are crucial, because they can’t be removed, which is important in case of pick-pocketing.



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