Woolet Travel 2.0 + Field Notes – the perfect smart wallet for travellers

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Introducing travel swiss-knife wallet! It is resistant, capacious and designed to fit most common currencies. It also easily fits your passport, boarding passes, mini-pen and notebook, and still remains slim! We are talking about the Woolet Travel 2.0, of course.


Don’t ruin your holiday!

Nowadays, we travel a lot: business trips, conferences, holidays, backpacking trips, music festivals or just visiting new places (those cheap airlines, right?). All those scenarios have one thing in common: you can’t afford to lose your wallet, especially when you’re abroad.


Imagine losing all your money on the first day of the trip, or losing your documents when your flight back home is on the next day – expensive roaming calls to block your cards, asking your friends for post money transfers (yes, that’s still a thing), and anxiously waiting for them to arrive. Looking for your embassy is not an easy task either (it might be really far away). And even when you come back home, the problem is not solved: you need to retrieve your documents, queue in offices, pay fees and waste your time.


It’s enough to turn your dream trip into a stressful horror story. Woolet XL was made for people like you. Learn more about its features!


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Woolet Travel to the rescue

The most important feature of our travel wallet is the synchronization with the mobile application that guards your wallet anytime, anywhere. If Woolet is left behind, you will receive notification that the wallet is out of your reach. You are able to check its last-seen location and get directions on a map to find it.


The electronics panel is integrated inside the lining, so there’s no way to remove it without ripping the whole thing apart. It’s almost invisible, so a potential thief won’t notice that the wallet is guarded by hi-technology.


We believe that smart technology requires modern design. Woolet Travel is completely hand-made from natural Italian leather (the best quality in the world!)
It’s big enough to fit your passport, boarding passes, insurance, visa and anything else you may need. Moreover, it was designed to hold any possible currency, so whether you need to keep pounds, dollars or euros, there’s no problem, all of them will fit easily.
Woolet Travel 2.0 is slightly bigger than the classic version (it can hold up to 12 cards!), but it’s still as slim as it gets.


That’s not all! Every wallet comes with Field Notes. You receive the set of three memo books with 48 plain paper pages. It will come handy in every situation: writing your travel plan, important note, list of things to pack, shopping list or memo.


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Important tip!

Remember to always turn on the Bluetooth and internet connections whenever you land in a foreign country. Woolet needs to establish its new localization, and if you forget to do that, it will “remember” its last location, which will be where you were when you switched off the Bluetooth and internet connections.

This smart accessory is designed for every person who enjoys travelling around the world. You can find Woolet XL in the official Woolet Store.




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