Best Smart Wallet for Modern man

Woolet Glow 2.0 Antibacterial Edition

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Smarter Wallet for Modern Man

  • Smart Find, Anti Lost, Location Record, Remote Photographing. Make your life more intelligent and more convenient.
  • Ring the wallet from the phone. Ring the phone from the wallet. Alarm when the wallet or the phone is left behind or stolen.
  • Lost it? Check the app and you will see the last location. Do it through advanced positioning. Mind you, positioning is done through the phone GPS. The wallet itself doesn’t have a GPS module
  • Fast charge and enjoy up to 1 month of work.
  • Antibacterial material inside so you get safer everyday.
  • Revoke selfie and more!!


  • Integrated Bluetooth transmitter
  • Holds from 4 to 11 cards + coin slot
  • Size: 112 mm x 92 mm
  • Antibacterial silver lining
  • Keeps flat bills and notes
  • Included Micro-USB cable

Receive notifications on your phone every time Woolet is turned off.

Receive notifications on your phone every time it is tagged out of range and detect its last seen place.

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