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Why Disrupt the Wallet Now?

The Wallet has been around for centuries, as a fashion item and means to carry cash, cards, and other essentials. It has barely changed for hundreds of years, until now.

Apart from the addition of multiple card slots, the wallet hasn’t changed much in centuries since the start of the circulation of paper currency in seventeenth century Europe. The Massachusetts Bay Colony then introduced the wallet to North America in 1690, so that the colonies could claim to be as fashionable as civilised society back in London and the old world capitals. Read more →

Discover Some of the Best RFID-Blocking Wallets on the Market

A few hundred years ago people carried money in two ways: cash and promissory notes, which were then turned into cash.


Fast forward to today and people carry money as cash (notes or coins) and in the form or cards, which are plastic, more advanced, more convenient forms of promissory notes. We carry less cash, but apart from the way money is carried around, the format it takes has barely changed for centuries. Read more →