iOS update: we’re looking for beta testers!



After a lot of feedback from iOS users, we have prepared an update fixing all reported bugs. We need your help with testing it!



The release of iPhone 7 and Apple introducing the new operating system, iOS 10, affected Bluetooth connections, and consequently a lot of mobile apps which require Bluetooth synchronization faced some errors. Among them was, the Woolet App.

Luckily, our iOS users informed us about the synchronization problems. Our programmers have been working on a new Woolet App update, and we think they have already fixed all reported bugs. To verify that, we need your help.

We have already tested the new version of the app on various iOS phones, and it worked flawlessly, but to be absolutely sure that every user has the same, positive experience, we need a few beta testers who will be among the first to try out the fresh Woolet App. We can’t eliminate all bugs without you, so your feedback is crucial to developing the next upgraded version and improving the experience for all iOS users. The app has already been confirmed by the Apple Store and we have 30 days to introduce any changes needed.




Test the Woolet App for iOS with us!

Would you like to test the new Woolet App for iOS and share your thoughts with us? There are only two requirements: you need to be both and iPhone and Woolet user.
If you meet both criteria, please, write to with subject: NEW iOS UPDATE – BETA TESTER, and provide us with the following information:

  1. Name and surname
  2. E-mail address linked to your Apple ID
  3. Which iPhone model do you use?
  4. Which operating system version do you use?
  5. Have you been an app beta tester before?


We are looking forward to hearing from you! Let’s create the Woolet app together!


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