New Indiegogo Woolet campaign – all you need to know


Woolet hit Indiegogo with a brand new products from our ecosystem. Woolet Charging Pad with Anti-Gravity Phone Case. In short: the first magnetic, the most versatile wireless charging pad for your devices.


So, what’s new?

We’ve introduced few products:

  • The Woolet Wireless Charging Mousepad
  • The Woolet Magnetic Wireless Charging Pad
  • Wireless Charging iPhone Cover
  • Car Mount
  • Complementary leather cables with either USB or USB-C switches.


You can see all the amazing features on pictures below:




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Where can I use it?

Possibilities are endless. Whether you work at a desk, drive all day in your car, or hang with your kiddos all day and have a lot of errands to run – the Woolet Magnetic Wireless Charging Pad is for you! You can use it in your office as a corporate-style Mousepad and charging station combined, ending the need to carry your charger or power bank around. Your Wireless Mousepad will always be there waiting for you and your smartphone, ready to pump some energy!

The Magnetic Pad will be your companion in the car, the sidekick in the kitchen and the guardian of your rest.



How does it work?

Our time is valuable, that’s why our Magnetic Pad keeps it simple. Just connect it to an energy source, put the device on the top and the charging will start in the blink of an eye. Simple.

What makes the Magnetic Pad special are its THREE inductive coils. Most ordinary charging pads are equipped with just one, which makes it impossible to quickly connect them the smartphone. With three, you will always hit the right spot, because the inductive field is much stronger. It doesn’t matter where you put your device, it will ALWAYS work.


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Compatible with iPhones, even the latest 7 version!

Some of you gadget geeks might say: that it’s impossible to wirelessly charge iPhones. IMPOSSIBLE IS NOTHING! We wouldn’t abandon Apple users, so we thought of a way to connect your phones too. It’s the Wireless Charging iPhone Cover, equipped with the inductive technology transmitter, designed especially for Apple devices. Available for iPhones models  5S, 5SE, 6, 6S, 6 Plus, 6S Plus and the latest 7 versions. Just put the phone inside the cover, then on the top of the pad. It’s that simple!

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