Meet our brand new wallets: Woolet 2.0 and Woolet 2.0 Travel XL.

We couldn’t be more excited! After months of research, gathering feedback from users, designing, testing, re-designing, improving, beta-testing with Woolet users, implementing changes, manufacturing and thoroughly checking every product, we can finally share with you the result of our work: Woolet 2.0. Our thanks go to the Woolet Team, but mostly we would like to thank, from the bottom of our hearts, everybody who helped us with the development of Woolet 2.0, especially our amazing beta-testers. We can’t find the words to express how much we appreciate your feedback and involvement in the project. We bet you’d like to know more about the new products. You can find all the information below.


Woolet 2.0

The new edition of the classic version of Woolet: it’s made from the highest quality, resistant and fashionable full-grain, Italian leather, and has redesigned pocket construction to avoid cards falling out. The wallet is constructed in such a way as to avoid all bulkiness and to make it even thinner. It has integrated, tiny electronics inside, and the construction is strengthened with hips. Just as before, there’s an optional ECO version made out of top-quality vegan leather. We received feedback from many users suggesting that the buzzer inside Woolet wasn’t loud enough, so we’ve fixed it! Now, it is easily audible and should be detected even in loud places. And we haven’t forgotten forget about all the fashionable gentlemen out there and have introduced a stylish, final touch – a 24-carat gold pin – to make your wallet even more sophisticated. Get-your-Woolet-2-NOW-784x295px (1)


Woolet 2.0 Travel XL

The version for businessmen and travellers who often move around includes all the changes from the classic version. But that’s not it! We’ve decided to make this version even more “travel-friendly” and have made a few improvements. The first feature is the mini-pen, which can be found in the middle section of the wallet. It will come in handy if you have to sign an important document or write a note, or during check-in at the airport. Secondly, we’ve added the Lost&Found card and access to the service for free. You can use it for your bag, briefcase, laptop case, purse, travel luggage, etc. You can learn more about the Lost&Found HERE.   Get-your-Woolet-Travel-XL-2-NOW-784x295px


The Woolet App

As you’ve probably noticed, the Woolet App has gone through some changes recently. You can learn about all the new features and fixed bugs here: The Massive Update in Woolet Apps and Firmware. The App is fully integrated with all the products from the 2.0 generation. Check out the infographics explaining how to install and synchronize Woolet products here: How to Install the Woolet App and Check the Proper Synchronization. We hope that our know-hows will clarify any doubts you may have. If, however, you have any other questions, please contact our Community Manager, Wiktor, here: He’s more than happy to help you!

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